Reasons Why You Should Elope

April 19, 2023

reasons why you should elope

Three Reasons Why You Should Elope

Have you been debating the idea of ditching the lavish wedding and going against the status quo? Below I have listed three reasons why you should elope that might encourage you to create a unique wedding experience.

1. Intimacy & Intention

Eloping often allows for more intimate and intentional moments that big weddings don’t always allow time for. When you elope, you are given the opportunity to focus more on your better half and are able to express your love more freely. This also allows for less time getting caught up in the blur that occurs with big wedding days.

2. A unique Experience

When you elope, you are able to throw tradition out the window and create a day that is unique and authentically you. For example, you can get married amongst beautiful scenic mountains, go for a hike to a place you’ve always wanted to explore, or get married in a special place that means the world to you. Anything that represents you as a couple.

3. Epic Photos

Apart from being present and creating an unforgettable experience to celebrate this next chapter of your lives; you’ll also have epic images to look back on! Elopements allow for more than enough time to capture all those real, raw and genuine moments that reflect how you were truly feeling. You are no longer confined to the thirty minute rushed portraits and limited to a few posing prompts that don’t capture the whole story.

Ensuring that your wedding day feels like the most authentic experience you and your partner could ever have is important. Therefore, If you don’t feel like the traditional wedding route is the right fit for you, consider eloping.

Remember this day is about you and you deserve to feel exactly what you’ve always dreamt to without the pressures of tradition.

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