Golden Hour Portraits on Your Wedding Day

March 30, 2023

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Why you should make time for golden hour portraits on your wedding day

If you know me you know that golden hour is by far, hands down, my favorite time to capture wedding portraits. Not only is it my favorite time to take wedding photos but it’s truly the best time of day to capture moments in general. The reason for this is that golden hour produces the most GORGEOUS lighting! Take my word for it, it’s truly magical. To help you get the most of this magic hour I have listed everything you need to know in order to get the most out of golden hour at your wedding or elopement day.

What is Golden Hour?

Now you’re probably wondering, what is golden hour and why should you care? Let me explain. Golden hour happens about one to two hours before sunset. At around this time the sun is really low in the sky allowing light to appear softer and less harsh compared to other times during the day when the sun is high up in the sky causing strong light and harsh overhead shadows that make it difficult to capture soft photos.

Wedding photos are best this time because it creates a softer glow on skin tones and makes images more cohesive giving your photos a more soft, golden, buttery look! Perfect for wedding/ elopement days and showcasing that just married bliss effortlessly.

How to plan for golden hour photos

The best way to plan your golden hour portraits to insure you get the best chance of getting those creamy shots is to consider the time of year that your wedding is taking place. Note that the sun sets earlier during the winter months and later during the summer months.

Once you have figured out when the sun will set; plan to have your golden hour portraits taken 40- 45 minutes before the sun actually sets. Figuring out this time will also help create a seamless timeline for the rest of your wedding day!

I hope you found this to be helpful and are feeling more prepared and confident about planning your golden hour portraits for your wedding or elopement.

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